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Daily Deal Sites Thailand


Daily Deal Sites Thailand (also known as Daily Deals Thailand), is the first in Asia if not the world to offer the lowest success fees for this type of industry.    The daily deal sites or ‘Groupon sites’ as many refer to them are very competitive, and yet no-one as at the end of 2012 was offering this kind of deal.       In addition  Daily Deal Sites Thailand are ALSO the first ever to offer a Loyalty Rewards Program for their customers as well as FREE prizes virtually on a daily basis.   Daily Deal Sites Thailand offers more than any other site in Thailand both to businesses advertising their products and the customers who visit us to buy at our  Daily Deal Sites Thailand website.


Daily Deal Sites Thailand


Sites such as Living Social, StreetDeal, Coupon Sanook & Groupon, just to mention a few have been around for a while in Thailand with Living Social claiming around 90% market share as at Feb 2012*.    And just as LivingSocial (or Ensogo as it was originally known) was a start up when it launched in June 2010, Daily Deal Sites Thailand (which commenced in November 2012 after 12 months of research) aims to ensure businesses receive much better ‘sell fees’ with no need to fill the pockets of other Daily Deal sites with unrealistic fees.    Daily Deal Sites Thailand policy is fair to all!


Daily Deal Sites Thailand believe  it is also just as important t to reach out to customers using the sites and encourage them to support Daily Deal Sites Thailand who provides commonsense and realistic charges for the businesses, a great Loyalty Reward Program and FREE gifts.  Customers are not happy knowing that up to 50% and as much as 80% of the item they buy on a Deal Site is going to the site operator.    Daily Deal Sites Thailand cannot accept that this is fair business practice.


Daily Deal Sites Thailand


Now with an ever growing number of businesses supporting us, Daily Deal Sites Thailand just goes from strength to strength because we continue to make sure that Businesses and Customers are in a ‘win-win’ situation.      As Dr Ian Fenwick said, which, in an article, mentioned him as the founding partner of digital marketing agency digiAindra and consultant at Sasin Graduate Institute of Business Administration in Thailand “You never know what’s going to happen, because if somebody comes up with a clever twist, then I think everyone will jump”.   Daily Deal Sites Thailand will ensure there’s a lot of ‘jumping’ with the strategies they have which are, afterall, a 1st for the Industry.




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